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Keywords: Wine / Sydney / Hospitality

Scope: Brand Identity / Packaging Design / Brand World

“We are looking to change up our House wine labels for each of our venues (Button and Stitch).”


The team behind much-loved Sydney small bars Pocket, Stitch and Button, were looking to revamp the packaging of their locally sourced house wines. The previous designs were seen as too generic and didn’t fit with the ambiance of their bars.


The evolution of the packaging had to feel at home in each bar's environment, so we took the essence of each establishment and translated it on to the bottle.


Button Bar is the ‘Black Captain’ of Surry Hills. The discovery of several 19th Century muskets and pistols, which hang proudly behind the bar, set the subtle seafaring theme.

We built on existing assets of Button Bar. Choosing to design a symbol encompassing the humble button, the ‘skull and crossbones’ and the top of a wine barrel. The result is a strong, recognisable label that keeps the range consistent.


Hidden behind a faux seamstress and down a grand staircase is Stitch Bar, one of the best speakeasy bars in Sydney.

This hidden gem exemplifies the Prohibition Era, transporting you to a time where only the brave would party. We wanted to pay homage to those rebels that kept the good times rolling during the 1920s, but we ain’t no snitch, so their identities will live on as myth and legend.

Vintage newspapers articles form the base of our design, reminiscent of articles on the most influential prohibition outlaws. Vibrant colour adds depth to each varietal, helping the character to pop against the news backdrop. The defacing of the label, apart from the eyes, creates a sense of desire to know our rebel's fate.

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