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Bringing joy to the category

Keywords: Sorbet / Sydney / Organic Products

Scope: Brand Strategy / Brand Voice / Brand Identity / Packaging Design / Print Collateral / Illustration

“Nothing seems to be made from real fruit anymore, our mission is to change that.”


You is an organic sorbet company based in Bondi, Australia. It was founded by sisters who started making mouth-watering sorbets from locally sourced produce.


While the artisan ice cream category in Australia is booming, sorbets were being left behind. The sorbet category is saturated with products made from fruit concentrate, and consumers are rejecting them. The sisters saw an opportunity to revitalise the sorbet category to new heights by creating a brand that's refreshingly original and doesn’t compromise on great taste.

The strategy was born from a desire to capture those precious moments of escapism sought out by beachgoers - taking a little time for 'You’. We designed the brand to capture that feeling, as well as entice people in.

We developed an evocative illustrative style to bring out the distinctive flavours within each sorbet.

The 'Mango Surfer', 'Sun-kissed Lemon' and 'Curvaceous Pear’, encapsulated the happy, healthy fruit in each sorbet and the colourful characters of Bondi.

The colour palette was inspired by the light, all-natural flavours of the sorbet, juxtaposed with a contemporary electric blue. Blue as a brand colour was a no brainer, it was fresh, timeless, depicted the energy of Bondi and the crisp, refreshing zing of the sorbet.

Let’s see if these sorbets can’t bring a little joy to your day.

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